International Trade Administration

  • International Trade Administration launches new iteration of its website

    Calling it a fundamental change in how the agency does digital, the International Trade Administration launched a new iteration of its website.

  • No longer a dirty word for cloud, ‘lift-and-shift’ can work for some agencies

    After almost six years of the cloud-first policy, agencies are gaining an understanding what it takes to move to the cloud.

  • Commerce’s ITA getting out of IT business

    Joe Paiva, the International Trade Administration’s CIO, said he wants to outsource the agency’s network, device management and printing to the private sector.

  • Holly Vineyard, International Trade Administration

    The Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration will open an office in Myanmar, also known as Burma. The country’s economy, once virtually closed, is now growing at more than 6.5 percent a year. The decision to open an office is part of an effort to help U.S. businesses navigate emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Holly Vineyard, deputy assistant secretary for Asia at the International Trade Administration, explained to Federal Drive hosts Tom Temin and Emily Kopp why Commerce picked Myanmar for the first new office.