• TSP funds drop after April surge

    The last few months of volatile activity resulted in huge numbers of withdrawals and inter-fund transfers, and so May appeared to reflect a calming among investors.

  • When economy hit rock bottom, the Fed took ‘unprecedented’ measures

    What Stein can diagnose are sick and healthy financial trends, pointing out that for 11 years, leading up to the virus-driven crash, the stock market was in bull-market territory longer than any time in the country’s history.

  • Stocks on sale? Should you buy, sell or sit tight?

    According to last week’s Wall Street Journal, the top-stock buyer for the government of a very oil-rich Middle Eastern nation has been scooping up multiple shares of Marriott and Boeing (Disney World and the airliner)…

  • Remember the good old days, aka the Great Recession?

    Do you find yourself wistfully looking back to the good old days of 2008-09? If so, welcome to what may be a fast-growing club.

  • Resetting your retirement clock

    Whether you are a plodder or a planner, foot-loose or up-tight, odds are your retirement checklist didn’t mention the possibility of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that would knock the 11-year bull market to its knees.

  • Feb. 19: The day the earth stood still?

    If your like most federal investors, a not-so-funny-thing happened to your retirement nest egg earlier this year.

  • TSP: Roller coaster or merry-go-round? Titanic or Love Boat?

    The current world economic situation triggered by the coronavirus pandemic reminds more people of the Great Depression than it does the Great Recession of 2008-2009.

  • How to invest without being defrauded

    Owen Donley of the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals the latest high tech scams as well as how old scams have new packaging.

  • Millionaires club takes stock — no pun intended

    With the stock market reeling from the impact of the coronavirus who do you feel sorriest for, the 22,432 TSP millionaires or the 5 million-plus smaller investors?

  • Managing your TSP: Buy, sell or sit tight?

    Not so long ago in what now looks like the good old days hundreds of Thrift Savings Plan account holders were hoping to be inducted into the Millionaires Club.