• Why many outside investors envy your TSP

    When you leave government are you going to keep your optional retirement nest egg in the Thrift Savings Plan, or move some or all of it to an outside investment option? And does it matter?

  • TSP returns down overall for first month of 2020

    Starting the new year at a low point, nearly all Thrift Savings Plan funds were down in January compared to December.

  • Even in hot stock market TSP investors love super-cool G fund

    Despite high returns for the TSP’s stock index funds last year, a majority of federal workers have most of their nest egg money in the G fund.

  • TSP thermometer: 2018 bad, 2019 good, 2020?

    The S and I funds of the TSP had bad years in 2018 but bounced back big time last year. Mike Causey asked financial planner Arthur Stein why?

  • The millionaire in the mirror

    While there is a lot of interest in those who are self-made Thrift Savings Plan millionaires, the fact is most investors will never hit seven-figure status.

  • The TSP’s fast-growing self-made millionaires club

    Thanks to the booming stock market the number of federal-postal workers with $1 million or more Thrift Savings Plan accounts jumped to 49,620 at the end of 2019.

  • Is your TSP portfolio too ‘safe?’

    Many people decided to ride out the Great Recession so they could miss the downside and return to the TSP’s C, S and I stock funds when things got better. Eleven years later, some still haven’t returned.

  • Your 12-month 2020 checklist, survival kit — easier than Keto!

    For many January is a hope-springs-eternal transition time. But there are things members of the federal family can, and should, be doing that will save money.

  • So why aren’t you a TSP millionaire?

    Mike Causey asked Abraham Grungold, a 34-year civil servant, why so many TSP investors have account balances that are so relatively small?

  • The lure of the G fund: Solid investment or fatal attraction?

    To protect their annuities from the ups and downs of the stock market, many active and most retired federal-postal workers have a major chunk of their Thrift Savings Plan account in the Treasury securities G fund.