• Bear market mauls TSP, not if but when

    Explanations vary as to why the bull market continues. Many who predicted the market would tank, from Trump or Brexit, have yet to be proven correct.

  • How to invest without being defrauded

    Owen Donley of the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals the latest high tech scams as well as how old scams have new packaging.

  • Will bear market devour your TSP nest egg?

    Whether it’s down to strong job growth or low inflation, financial planner Art Stein says Thrift Savings Plan investors should like first quarter 2019 results.

  • Favorite TSP fund has lowest return

    The treasury securities G Fund continues to be the favorite of feds investing for retirement, while the Trump administration wants to lower its payout.

  • Financial Literacy Facts Versus “Fools”

    Insight by NITP, Inc. April 1, 2019 – Host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Ray Kirk, Ph.D., Federal Benefits Specialist, NITP.  April is Financial Literacy Month and since today is April Fools’ Day, our hosts will…

  • Riding the stock market waves to a $1M TSP

    Allan Roth, founder of Wealth Logic and a nationally syndicated financial columnist, said that when it comes to investing, his motto is “Dare to be dull,” as in boring.

  • When the TSP was in the toilet

    A decade ago today, the US stock market was hitting rock bottom. The Great Recession, which had been in effect for almost two years, showed no signs of getting better — ever.

  • Timing and your TSP investments

    Financial planner Arthur Stein is today’s Your Turn guest and will talk about investment time periods for Thrift Savings Plan participants.

  • Confessions of an average TSP millionaire

    The average Thrift Savings Plan balance for Federal Employees Retirement System participants — 3.3 million people — was $138,933 in January.

  • What’s your planning, investing end game?

    As more companies scale-back or more often eliminate retirement plans for their workers, the government’s benefits package looks better and better to many private sector employees. But all comparisons are relative.