IT Industry Council

  • These IT, cyber provisions in the NDAA may have flown under your radar

    The 2020 Defense authorization bill includes almost 1,800 pages and we found several important and interesting provisions that you should know about ranging from military cyber advisers to the possible return of lead system integrators.

  • DHS task force sets 190-threat baseline for federal supply chain

    The ICT Supply Chain Risk Management Task Force at DHS issued four recommendations for how agencies and industry can address threats.

  • Executive order aims to breathe life into stagnant CIO authorities

    President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday in an effort to build institutional capabilities to drive IT modernization.

  • GAO wants Block 4 of F-35 to be a separate acquisition

    Michael Sullivan, GAO’s director for defense weapons system acquisitions, and Trey Hodgkins, senior vice president of the IT Industry Council, are guests on this week’s Pentagon Solutions.

  • Trey Hodgkins: Contractors object to Pentagon award standard

    The Pentagon is taking a lowest price, technically acceptable approach to the $17 billion, multiple-award contract known as Encore 3. Trey Hodgkins, senior vice president of the IT Industry Council, tells¬†Federal Drive with Tom Temin contractors say that’s the wrong approach.

  • Trey Hodgkins, ITIC

    In a repeat performance from last year, the House has included a major IT procurement reform plan as part of the 2015 Defense Authorization bill. Last year it got removed in conference. But this year a similar bill is rattling around the Senate. Plus, there have been some changes in the content of the House version. Trey Hodgkins is senior vice president for the public sector at the Information Technology Industry Council. He joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss the significant changes made in this year’s version of FITARA.

  • TechAmerica lawsuit against ITI Council to move forward

    A judge rules that the $5 million complaint can move into the discovery phase. ITI Council returns more than 60,000 pages of documents to TechAmerica.

  • IT Alliance for Public Sector sets sights on growing, influencing reforms

    The newest industry technology association is recruiting new members and contributing to the discussion to improve federal IT acquisition. But in the short term, ITAPS faces a court decision on Feb. 7 whether the lawsuit filed by TechAmerica against it and three employees goes forward.

  • TechAmerica adds more specifics to allegations against former officials, ITI

    The trade association offers more details about its claims against three former senior officials who left to join the IT Industrial Council. TechAmerica says the three officials downloaded a “truckload” of proprietary information about membership dues and other parts of the business, which will cause “irreparable injury” to the association.

  • ITI seeks dismissal of TechAmerica lawsuit, calling claims ‘fatally flawed’

    The IT Industry Council asked the DC Superior Court to dismiss charges filed by TechAmerica against the trade organization and three employees. ITI’s lawyer said TechAmerica’s allegations lack evidence and do not meet the standards of law. TechAmerica pushes back against ITI’s request for dismissal saying each of the allegations can be backed up by facts.