Jeremy Grant

  • A look into biometrics past and future

    Technology executive Jeremy Grant gives his thoughts on the current state of biometrics and facial recognition technology.

  • Draft policy pushes interagency committee to better address building security

    The Office of Management and Budget is seeking comments on a draft policy that promotes shared services for identity credentialing and access management.

  • GSA’s central contractor website victimized by fraud for second time

    GSA began alerting vendors on March 22 after it found a third-party changed the financial information of “a limited number” of contractors registered on the portal.

  • Howard Schmidt, a pioneer in federal cyber, passes away

    Howard Schmidt worked for Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush on cybersecurity issues and was a driving force behind a host of national strategies and initiatives.

  • A-130 finally gives identity management a much needed policy boost

    Experts say the Office of Management and Budget’s update to the circular will greatly reduce agency pushback against using smart identity cards and other identity authentication and verification technologies.

  • Can GSA’s 18F succeed where 3 other ID management projects have struggled?

    GSA’s 18F organization is taking a fourth bite at the identity management apple by developing a new platform called despite 15 years of struggle to come up with a way for citizens, businesses and others to securely interact with agencies online.

  • New guidance raises threshold for contractors’ cybersecurity

    The Office of Management and Budget just released new guidance on protecting non-sensitive information from federal contractors. The guidance would require contractors follow National Institute for Standards and Technology standards for protecting their information.

  • IRS’ $130 million RFP to fix ID theft diverges from governmentwide initiative

    In Senate hearings regarding the recent breach of the Get Transcript system last week, IRS officials said they were ”reviewing options” to make their online services more secure. They did not mention the agency already has asked vendors for bids on a wide array of new authentication services.

  • Jeremy Grant, Identity Management Consultant

    A recent cyber breach leaves the Internal Revenue Service with more questions than answers about its online authentication system. But the IRS knows the data systems it built decades ago aren’t useful any more. Visitors to the agency’s Get Transcript portal are easy targets, because hackers already knew the answers to many of the knowledge based authentication questions they answered to enter the portal. Jeremy Grant, an identity management consultant and former senior executive advisor for identity management at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, tells In Depth with Francis Rose about what lessons government learn about identity management.

  • Jeremy Grant, National Institute of Standards and Technology

    After four years leading the government efforts come up with an alternative to the password, Jeremy Grant is leaving government. He’s a Senior Executive Advisor for Identity Management at the National Insitute of Standards and Technology. In an email to his colleagues, he says he’s unsure where he’ll go next, but plans to leave NIST in April. He joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin in studio to reflect on progress in identity management and some of the success stories.