Jim Talent

  • 2019 probably isn’t the year for personnel reform in the NDAA

    While there was a lot of talk about reform, it may take longer than some expected to overhaul the military personnel system.

  • Why DoD thinks the Career Intermission Program can help solve its personnel problem

    As the Pentagon puts more pressure on its all-volunteer force, it’s finding a disconnect between the people it wants and the people it has in its ranks.

  • Jury is still out on Army career intermission program

    A program that allows soldiers to take a break from active duty to pursue schooling or professional goals is still in its infancy. A new report says only 13 soldiers have taken advantage of the program.

  • Air Force puts money where its mouth is to retain airmen

    The 2018 budget proposal funds programs that will keep airmen in the service and better their life outside the military.

  • TRICARE, military pay raise and more, what’s on congressional plate this session

    The new chairman and ranking member of the House Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee tell Federal News Radio what they are thinking for the next NDAA.

  • Congress finds family life at the root of military personnel issues

    The Senate Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee is preparing its provisions for the 2018 defense authorization bill and this week it heard from some former top DoD officials. Family life seemed to be the bottom line for a lot of military issues. Employees want to be able to move between the civilian and military world, they want quality childcare for their children and they want their spouses to be happy and be able to work where they are stationed.

  • Top DoD experts call for sweeping personnel changes

    A year-long task force wants the Defense Department to change childcare, TRICARE and the “up or out” system.

  • Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), Chairman, HASC, and Jim Talent, AEI

    Sequestration, cyber attacks and terrorism are just a few of the concerns that top the list for the 114th Congress. In anticipation of tonight’s State of the Union address, the American Enterprise Institute will hold a “congressional roadmap for rebuilding our nation’s military” at 10 a.m. Former Sen. Jim Talent is an AEI senior fellow; Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) is chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. They joined Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive with a sneak peak at the event.

  • Jim Talent, American Enterprise Institute

    After at least two leading candidates took their names out of contention for Defense Secretary, the President turned to Ashton Carter, a former deputy secretary. Carter first worked as a civilian analyst in the 1970s, and holds degrees in physics and medieval history. He held policy positions in both the Clinton and Obama adminsitrations. What can the military expect from a Secretary Carter? Former Senator Jim Talent, now a senior fellow and director of the National Security 2020 Project at the American Enterprise Institute, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to discuss.

  • Federal Drive Show Blog – February 26, 2014

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