Jimmy Carter

  • Inspectors general, a good-government ‘experiment,’ celebrate 40 years of oversight

    When President Jimmy Carter signed the Inspector General Act on Oct. 12, 1978,  he saw the legislation as an olive branch to an American public that was still reeling from the resignation of President Richard Nixon. 

  • Bound by constraints of 40-year-old rules, civil service ready for a rebuild

    Federal News Radio explores how an evolving federal workforce has been bound by the constraints of a 40-year-old civil service system that largely hasn’t changed at all since 1978.

  • Stars aligned for civil service reform in 1978; will they again in 2018?

    As the Trump administration considers civil service modernization, those who helped craft the original Civil Service Reform Act say the White House could do the same thing in 2018 that they did in 1978, with a few exceptions.

  • Civil service reform: Round up the usual suspects

    Nearly four decades and seven presidents since one of Jimmy Carter’s proudest accomplishments — the Civil Service Reform Act, the team of President Donald Trump is set to take a crack at overhauling the government bureaucracy.

  • Can Pon boil the ocean?

    Comprehensive civil service reform is too tall an order just for OPM and its director.

  • Life at the top: What’s in it for you

    Presidents love to reform the government for a variety of reasons. But career Senior Executive Service members knows where the levers of power are, and how to get things done.

  • What if D (for decimation) Day is tomorrow?

    Friday is D-Day, as in Decimation Day, when federal agencies are supposed to unveil and reveal their downsizing plans, which will mean buyouts, early outs and layoffs for some.

  • White House returns to solar panels

    The Obama administration announced Tuesday its commitment to bring solar energy to the White House. But this isn’t the first time the White House has tapped the sun for energy. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter…