John Davis

  • Cybersecurity Strategies in Government 2019 “Progress & Best Practices”

    This program will provide a progress report on cybersecurity strategies in government.

  • Cybersecurity/Defense & Homeland “Progress & Best Practices” 2018

    This program will provide a progress report on cybersecurity in defense and homeland in government.

  • Disrupting the Cyber Attack Lifecycle

  • Davis named new military cyber adviser

    Maj. Gen. John Davis moves up from the position of director of current operations at the Cyber Command.

  • DoD wants common cyber picture

    The Cyber Command is focused on achieving real-time capabilities, but the director of current operations said they still have serious work to do. He appealed to industry leaders for help designing a sufficient platform.

  • Cyber 2020: The Future of the Internet

    November 17th, 2010 at 11:00AM The Internet is more than just a technology. It is a domain—similar to the domains of land, air, sea and space, but with its own distinct challenges. The cyber domain has national and international dimensions that include industry, trade, intellectual property, security, technology, culture, policy, and diplomacy. It includes all parts of the converged network, from computer networks to satellite communications, and is not bound by international borders. How can the United States shape the global cyber landscape to promote U.S. economic interests, and develop a cyber domain that considers transparency, accessibility, security, and privacy? Cyber 2020: the Future of the Internet, is part of the Booz Allen Hamilton Expert Voices panel series, moderated by Executive Vice President Mike McConnell and featuring top government and commercial experts.