Jonathan Aberman

  • Defense agencies missing untapped potential in DC area’s own ‘Silicon Valley’

    The Defense and Homeland Security departments have been scrambling to find the latest technology. But Northern Virginia venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman is helping local industry better sell its own products.

  • Jonathan Aberman: What’s Trump administration’s innovation agenda?

    The Obama administration came in with a definite innovation agenda. You see it in countless ways, including the high interest in all things Silicon Valley. What might the innovation landscape look like under the Trump administration? Jonathan Aberman, chairman of venture capital firm Amplifier Ventures and of the non-profit Tandem NSI, shares his take on Federal Drive with Tom Temin

  • How to fix the cyber people shortage

    Rather than restating the problem, a lot of people are trying to do something about expanding the cyber workforce.

  • Jonathan Aberman: What will be the DIUX impact?

    Defense Secretary Ash Carter is planting so-called innovation centers all over. First came San Jose, then Boston and now, Austin Texas. Is he overdoing it? Will these DIUXs produce tangible results? And what do they mean for companies in the D.C. region. For some possible answers, Federal Drive with Tom Temin turns to Jonathan Aberman, chairman of Amplifier Ventures.

  • Evaluating past performance more than just a good idea

    Michael Roark, DoD’s assistant inspector general for contract management and payments, joined Pentagon Solutions to offer his insight on using vendor past performance in awarding federal contracts.

  • Jonathan Aberman: Did DoD just disrespect D.C.-area companies?

    DIUX, the Defense Department innovation unit in Silicon Valley, is expanding to Austin, Texas and other places. Does that mean Secretary Ash Carter is dissing the companies right here in the D.C. region? Venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman, chairman of Amplifier Ventures, gives his take on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Jonathan Aberman: A closer look at DC’s business climate

    Exhaustive research commissioned by the local 2030 group looked into capital, entrepreneurship, business formation and mergers and acquisitions in the Washington, D.C. area. Report author Jonathan Aberman of Amplifier Ventures shares the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Jonathan Aberman: New competition for old Beltway Bandits

    A whole industry grew up locally known as the Beltway Bandits. But 21st century innovation has brought all sorts of new competition from outside the area. Venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman has studied this for a forthcoming report on regional development. He provides a preview on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Jonathan Aberman: Local solutions to help keep DoD innovative

    Local venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman has been working with The 2030 Group, an organization made up of Washington Metropolitan area business leaders, to quantify the level of corporate and startup innovation here in the D.C. area. He shares the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Lockheed Martin separates with IT unit in Leidos merger deal

    Lockheed Martin is spinning off its Information Systems & Global Solutions unit and merging it with engineering company Leidos in order to double down on its defense and aerospace holdings.