Julian Castro

  • Amend the Hatch Act and restore federal workers’ First Amendment rights

    While the intent of the Hatch Act provisions restricting federal workers may be sound, the result is, in effect, muzzling many federal workers and depriving them of their First Amendment rights

  • ‘Continue the momentum with employee engagement’ says outgoing HUD secretary

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro, after presiding over two-year of workforce and process improvements at the agency, has a few suggestions for his successor and the incoming administration.

  • HUD initiative aims to reduce lead-paint hazards in homes

    Julián Castro, secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, toured low-income housing to raise awareness of HUD’s Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration grant program. The agency announced $46.5 million in grants to help 15 communities protect homes from lead-based paint and other health and safety hazards.

  • Secretary Castro thanks HUD employees for public service

    Secretary Julian Castro greets and thanks Department of Housing and Urban Development employees Tuesday outside of HUD’s Washington headquarters.

  • A penny (or 59 minutes) for your thoughts?

    Some federal agencies give non-monetary incentives to complete employee surveys. Why would they do that? And is it fair or stacking the deck?

  • Castro aims to improve HUD’s IT environment

    Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro said he’s committed to improving HUD’s IT environment and its tools for monitoring program and financial performance.

  • Julian Castro: Improving HUD as a place to work

    An echo of the Great Society program of President Lyndon Johnson occurs the week. Housing and Urban Development marks 50 years as a standalone, cabinet-level department. Federal Drive host Tom Temin sat down with Secretary Julian Castro. He was confirmed just over a year ago. Before that he was mayor of San Antonio, Texas. He describes how HUD people view their mission and how he wants to improve the department as a place to work.

  • Nani Coloretti, Deputy Secretary, HUD

    It’s fast times for the Housing and Urban Development Department. Secretary Julian Castro has established priorities for both internal operations and policy. Much of the execution falls to the new deputy secretary. Nani Coloretti was confirmed last month. She joined the Obama administration in the Treasury Department in 2009. She spoke with Tom Temin on the Federal Drive about her new post and agenda.