Katrina McFarland

  • Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office takes first steps

    The Army’s new Rapid Capabilities Office is taking it’s name to heart and issuing a charter next month.

  • Army sets up office to speed up electronic warfare, cyber buys

    The Army is starting is Rapid Capabilities Office in hopes to speed up acquisitions of top priorities.

  • NSA sniffing around Skunk Works to help acquisition process

    NSA is setting up a rapid acquisition office to help engage industry and help the industrial base.

  • Air Force finalizing acquisition process for open architecture

    The Air Force is working on a rapid acquisition model that will be more conducive to open architectures.

  • Jason Miller: Scrubbing DoD’s acquisition policy clean

    The Defense Department is taking a scrub brush to its acquisition regulations and getting rid of any nasty growths that have been slowing down the process over the years. The Pentagon tested a handful of these changes already and is finding success in taking out layers of bureaucracy. Katrina McFarland is the assistant secretary of Defense for acquisition. After her speech at the National Contract Management Association’s World Congress in Dallas, she told Executive Editor Jason Miller about DoD’s acquisition regulation scrubbing effort.

  • DoD to scrub out burdensome, costly acquisition regulations

    Katrina McFarland, the assistant secretary of Defense for acquisition, said a new report is in the final approval stages that will detail changes to the Defense FAR. The goal is to save the military and industry money from unnecessary procurement rules.

  • Pentagon says it’s using automation to speed up acquisition bureaucracy

    While Congress rails over cost overruns, the Pentagon says it’s doing some work of its own to speed up its ponderous acquisition review and approval process.

  • Takeaways from TechAmerica’s Vision conference — DoD style

    If you are looking to understand the trends and drivers in the federal contracting market, few events are better than TechAmerica’s annual Vision conference.

  • DOD asks leaders to grade RFPs earlier in acquisitions

    Katrina McFarland, the assistant secretary of Defense for acquisition, said senior officials review solicitations before they get Milestone A approval to move into the technology development phase. This type of analysis had been missing previously or only done after it was too late.

  • How an ‘IT Box’ is making it easier for DoD to do business

    The Pentagon is implementing most of the recommendations it made in 2010’s Section 804 report to Congress. Katrina McFarland, DoD’s assistant secretary for acquisition, said initial results of the change are promising. But an upcoming GAO report is expected to show DoD has a long way to go to move toward an agile, incremental approach to IT systems development.