Kay Ely

  • Office of Personnel Management

    Kay Ely Associate Director, Human Resources Products & Services Division February 2nd and 4th, 2009

  • Human Resources Products & Services Division Office of Personnel Management

    Kay Ely Associate Director Human Resources Products & Services Division Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

    June 22nd and June 24th

  • OPM shaping future leaders in a new way

    The first graduates of a new leadership training program run by the Office of Personnel Management received their certificates yesterday. They are, as OPM Director John Berry describes them, the ”tip of the spear” of a cadre of up-and-coming federal workers who are honing their leadership skills to be the next generation of agency leaders and executives who will run the government.

  • OPM adding another retention tool: LEAD program

    Agency graduates first class from a training series that participants say will help them meet challenges they face on the job every day.

  • GSA confident in the health of schedules program

    Modernization and meeting customer need are critical to remaining relevant. Acquisition Operations Director Jim Ghiloni and Schedule 70 Director Kay Ely discuss the agency’s ongoing strategy on Agency of the Month.

  • GSA cuts 1,000 noncompliant vendors from IT schedule

    Kay Ely, GSA’s director of IT schedule programs in the Federal Acquisition Service, said removing 1,000 vendors who weren’t meeting the minimum annual sales requirement of $25,000 a year is saving the agency about $3.2 million a year in administrative costs. At the same time, GSA is adding 30-to-40 new vendors each month to Schedule 70 as part of its effort to make sure agency customers have access to new, innovative companies.

  • GSA’s acquisition hallways to come under measurement microscope

    Tom Sharpe, the commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service at GSA, said with 17 hallways in place and tools to support them, the goal is to understand the impact of these efforts. GSA also is trying to alleviate customer agency concerns about pricing with new initiatives.

  • GSA’s Kay Ely: Don’t relive your regrets

    Kay Ely, director of GSA IT Schedule programs, talked to Women of Washington hosts Aileen Black and Gigi Schumm about doing your best work.

  • GSA promotes Ely, and the end of the ‘rock star’ CIO?

    With several high profile CIO positions open, agencies need to consider what type of person they want to hire. A Brookings scholar is arguing against a high-profile outsider.

  • Episode 3: Communication and Collaboration Insight from Federal Senior Procurement Officers

    In this episode of Market Chat!, we will hear how federal acquisition officials are trying to improve their engagements and relationships with the vendor community as well as how marketing figures into the federal procurement process. Our guests will be three senior-level procurement executives who oversee large federal procurement programs.