Kevin Mahoney

  • Senior executives earn top honors for research, new discoveries — and managing the shutdown

    An elite group of Senior Executive Service members were honored this week for their groundbreaking research, massive modernization efforts and life-changing discoveries — and managing and encouraging their workforces during a 35-day government shutdown.

  • How some agencies use mission to unlock key workforce challenges

    Most federal employees consistently say their agency’s mission motivates them to come to work everyday. Now, some agencies say a mission-focused approach to employee engagement is giving them better insight into workforce challenges, and it’s starting to pay off in the Best Places to Work rankings.

  • Merit system principles are an asset, not liability in marketing federal careers, OPM says

    Acting Office of Personnel Management Director Beth Cobert said agencies should include merit system principles, the rules and procedures that ensure objectivity in the federal hiring process, as an incentive for the top talent they want to attract.

  • Agencies struggle to adjust to new Pathways internship program

    Chief human capital officers say the inability to do targeted internship announcements is frustrating and reducing effectiveness of the program. The Office of Personnel Management says it’s working with agencies to address these challenges, including initiatives to target specific skillsets.

  • SBA shares tips for hiring reform

    President Barack Obama’s order to streamline hiring requires agencies to complete the process in 80 days. Federal News Radio asked Kevin Mahoney, chief human capital officer at the Small Business Administration, to provide tips for success.

  • Part 3: SBA whistleblowers weigh resolution options

    In part 3 of Federal News Radio’s exclusive investigative series ”Discouraged and Disrespected at SBA,” Karla Saunders weighs her options to find resolution in her three-year battle against alleged retaliation. Saunders and three other agency employees say they want to return to their original jobs and restore their reputations. SBA officials say the agency is focusing on strengthening management and oversight.

  • Part 2: SBA employees allege fake positions created

    In part 2 of the special investigative series, Diane Sellers said she faced another round of retaliation just this past January when management moved her into a new position without cause. Sellers and two other career agency officials say they are facing a hostile work environment because they blew the whistle on potential misconduct. SBA says there is no evidence of HR violations or creating phony positions.

  • Part 1: Four employees claim retaliation from SBA managers

    In part one of the exclusive Federal News Radio series, Karla Saunders says SBA management continues to exact revenge against her for testifying on behalf of another employee about agency misconduct. Saunders says among the reprisals she has faced over the past three years is officials put her in two jobs involuntarily that she has no qualifications for. SBA officials deny any wrongdoing and say the administrator has no tolerance for waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement.

  • 21st Century and Beyond?

    What is the federal government doing to attract and retain employees in the 21st Century? The Office of Personnel Management has developed its Career Patterns Initiative to help with the hiring issues federal managers face.…