machine learning

  • A unique perspective on federal data

    Frank Dimina, vice president of Public Sector at Splunk, joined host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to explain why federal agencies should secure their data sets before applying machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Four tough questions about implementing orchestration for your federal agency – and how to answer them

    The cybersecurity environment has shifted dramatically in recent years, and that means yesterday’s tools and approaches – especially those which rely upon manual and/or siloed processes – will no longer suffice.

  • Business Intelligence: A better definition

    Rick “Ozzie” Nelson, vice president and general manager for the Public Sector at MicroStrategy, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to talk about business intelligence and how it is being used to analzye complex problems in the federal government.

  • Artificial Intelligence & DoD

    The Artificial Intelligence (AI) team at Booz Allen Hamilton joins host Roger Waldron on this week’s Off the Shelf for a wide ranging discussion of how the Department of Defense is using AI and machine learning to support its mission.

  • How AI will help our government

    Anthony Robbins, federal vice president at NVIDIA, discusses the leaps and bounds artificial intelligence is making and the ways it can improve both government operation and the private sector.

  • The future of non-traditional innovation

    Sharon Hays, senior fellow at LMI, discusses the ways that government contractors are pushing tech innovation with the help of the federal government.

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Government 2019 “Progress & Best Practices

    This program provides a progress report on machine learning and artificial intelligence in government.

  • Using machine learning to ‘automate’ employee expertise

    Engineers have long had tools such as computer-aided design and a lot of vendors provide CAD modeling software. But ARPA-E is going beyond that.

  • Army exploring AI combat possibilities while prioritizing quick COTS adoptions

    The Army isn’t looking to build most of its artificial intelligence technologies from scratch. Instead, it’s looking to tweak existing, commercial off-the-shelf technologies to suit its purposes.

  • AI and automation are not just for the experts

    In this interview with Federal News Network’s Tom Temin, KPMG’s Kirke Everson describes the three levels of RPA maturity and how to achieve them, and he describes use cases for RPA deployed internally and for public services. Hear more on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Month.