machine learning

  • GEOINT technology continues to develop

    Few technologies have had as much impact on military, civilian, governmental and commercial activities as geographic information and intelligence.

  • Voice of America going ‘over the top’ with its new streaming service

    Jim Tunnessen, VOA’s chief information officer and chief digital officer, said the Over the Top product will live in the cloud to ensure latency and performance issues don’t drag it down.

  • The unmistakable impact of AI on agencies

    Nicholas Speece, the chief federal technologist at Snowflake, said the opportunity to use AI and machine learning to improve mission delivery across all industries, government and private sector, is substantial.

  • AI opens up huge opportunities for agencies to change mission results

    Moving into AI and machine learning is not something agencies can just jump into, they have to develop roadmaps, use cases and workforce skillsets to get to the benefits of these emerging technologies—better decision making.

  • Agencies finding mission success through a secure multi-cloud approach

    Nearly every agency is discovering the potential benefits of applying advanced analytics and intelligence automation tools to their mission areas.

  • A unique perspective on federal data

    Frank Dimina, vice president of Public Sector at Splunk, joined host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to explain why federal agencies should secure their data sets before applying machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Four tough questions about implementing orchestration for your federal agency – and how to answer them

    The cybersecurity environment has shifted dramatically in recent years, and that means yesterday’s tools and approaches – especially those which rely upon manual and/or siloed processes – will no longer suffice.

  • Business Intelligence: A better definition

    Rick “Ozzie” Nelson, vice president and general manager for the Public Sector at MicroStrategy, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to talk about business intelligence and how it is being used to analzye complex problems in the federal government.

  • Artificial Intelligence & DoD

    The Artificial Intelligence (AI) team at Booz Allen Hamilton joins host Roger Waldron on this week’s Off the Shelf for a wide ranging discussion of how the Department of Defense is using AI and machine learning to support its mission.

  • How AI will help our government

    Anthony Robbins, federal vice president at NVIDIA, discusses the leaps and bounds artificial intelligence is making and the ways it can improve both government operation and the private sector.