Maria Contreras-Sweet

  • Small Business Administration to help find jobs for Peace Corps volunteers

    The Peace Corps and the Small Business Administration are colluding to help Peace Corps volunteers find jobs either in entrepreneurship or in the federal workforce after their service ends.

  • SBA gives stamp of approval to online certification aid

    The Small Business Administration’s newest online tool promises to make it easier for businesses to apply for one of the agency’s programs. The first version of the tool focuses on women-owned small businesses.

  • SBA aiming above lowest common denominator

    SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet says her agency is spearheading several programs that make startup easier for small businesses. SBA also announced its 2016 Small Business Person of the Year award, which went to woman-owned, LGBT coffee company in California.

  • SBA not letting agencies rest on contracting laurels

    The Small Business Administration is trying to institutionalize accountability across the government for meeting small business contracting goals as well as answer critics by increasing the amount of “eligible” procurement dollars.

  • SBA on tight deadline to fix 30 IT vulnerabilities

    SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet said she’s also reviewing candidates for the agency’s chief information officer position but gave no indication that she had selected a person or when that position might get filled. The agency’s former CIO, Renee Macklin, left SBA over the summer.

  • Agencies break record for small business contracting awards

    The federal government awarded 24.99 percent of its prime contract dollars to small firms during fiscal 2014, the largest percentage on record. But Congressional overseers called the administration’s statistics misleading since they do not account for tens of billions of dollars in federal spending.

  • Agencies end 9-year small business contracting drought

    For the first time since 2005, the government awarded at least 23 percent of all prime contracts to small businesses. The Small Business Administration reported Friday small firms received $83 billion out of a possible $355 billion in 2013.