Mark Forman

  • Fixing federal IT requires changing acquisition, funding approaches

    Former Office of Management and Budget and Defense Department IT executives weighed in on why the frustrations over IT management boiled over in the Section 809 panel report.

  • Don’t exempt DoD from the Clinger-Cohen Act, modernize federal IT management instead

    Former federal IT executives say the 1996 law is not the problem, but it’s the processes that grew up around the Clinger-Cohen Act are making IT acquisition too difficult.

  • Federal CIOs: The challenges of digitization

    Mark Forman, vice president and Global Head of Public Sector for Unisys, joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center to discuss FITARA, the Internet of Things, and the top issues facing the CIO community. July 2, 2018

  • Advice for the new Federal CIO Suzette Kent from those who came before her

    Seven former federal CIOs and deputy CIOs share lessons learned with the incoming Federal CIO.

  • Building the Federal CIO Resume: Keys to Digital Government

    Changing roles and governance models affect CIOs at all levels of government.

  • New interagency group to show resistance to the cloud is futile

    The General Services Administration has put together five working groups in a new cloud center of excellence to address acquisition, value and training challenges around cloud computing.

  • Who are the CIOs that soon will need new jobs?

    Across the cabinet agencies, 10 chief information officers are politically appointed. The question continues to come up every four years whether these senior IT executives need to be career or political.

  • Cyber checklist is dead, long-live the new A-130

    The Office of Management and Budget updated Circular A-130 with the requirement for agencies to focus on risk management when deciding on how to protect networks and systems.

  • Mark Forman: Looking beyond digital transformation

    In 2016, the government will accelerate its move into the digital era. That’s according to Mark Forman, who runs the public sector business for Unisys. He was the e-government director for the George W. Bush White House, back when online transactions with the public were just coming into the government. For our Federal Drive series, Looking ahead to 2016, Federal Drive with Tom Temin asked Forman, hasn’t the government already transformed into something digital?

  • Law Enforcement in the Cloud: Providing an Integrated and Secure Solution

    Law enforcement agencies are faced with the challenges of securely storing and managing ever-increasing volumes of data while keeping up with the growing demand for technology that can improve public safety. To address these challenges, law enforcement agencies are looking at moving to the cloud.