McKinsey and Company

  • More women are joining the military but they’re not sticking around

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the military has made some gains in recruiting women over the past 15 years — but they’re still much less likely to serve for a full career than men are.

  • GSA terminates McKinsey & Co.’s schedule contract

    A year after a critical inspector report found McKinsey and Company’s prices were 10% higher than originally proposed, GSA decided to end the firm’s schedule contract.

  • Are GSA’s IG recommendations to cancel McKinsey’s schedule contracts too harsh?

    The General Services Administration’s inspector general recommended the Federal Acquisition Service cancel two of McKinsey and Company’s schedule contracts after finding problems with how the agency negotiated the prices for consulting services.

  • DHS moving quickly to get National Risk Management Center off the ground

    Mittal Desai moved to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) while Brig. Gen. Lorna Mahlock is the new CIO for the Marine Corps.

  • Agencies see low interest in joining SES as most executives near retirement

    Roughly 85 percent of current Senior Executive Service members are eligible to retire within the next 10 years. And about half can retire within the next president’s first term in office. But as the administration looks to agency career leaders to steer the upcoming presidential transition, 55 percent of GS-14s and GS-15s say they’re not interested in joining the SES.

  • VA, OPM implement promising practices for next generation of SESers

    A new report by the Partnership for Public Service and McKinsey and Company found inconsistencies among agencies in how they recruit and develop their Senior Executive Service members. That lack of standardized leadership development is causing some to question whether senior executives will be prepared to replace long-time managers who are retiring at a fast rate.

  • Part 4: SBA’s contracting practices under close scrutiny

    In part 4 of Federal News Radio’s investigative series ”Discouraged and Disrespected at SBA,” allegations of cronyism and conflict of interest in the acquisition process arise. Over the past year, lawmakers and auditors have raised concerns about the agency’s acquisition practices. SBA officials deny the accusations and say they are strengthening their acquisition processes.