Michael Sullivan

  • Michael Sullivan: Closer look at 17 years of F-35’s ongoing development

    The Defense Department has acquired a few hundred copies of its F-35 joint strike fighter and there’s more in the 2017 budget. But the development phase of the expensive aircraft actually has not ended. In fact, this phase hasn’t stopped slipping further into the future — 17 years after it started. The latest look-see from the Government Accountability Office details the implications. Michael Sullivan, director of acquisition and sourcing issues at GAO, shares the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • With most senior positions still vacant, Pentagon must tell Congress how it plans to restructure itself

    In part two of a special report: Defense Acquisition at a Crossroads, Federal News Radio examines the challenges the Defense Department will face as it implements numerous Congressional acquisition reforms, many of which it didn’t ask for.

  • GAO wants Block 4 of F-35 to be a separate acquisition

    Michael Sullivan, GAO’s director for defense weapons system acquisitions, and Trey Hodgkins, senior vice president of the IT Industry Council, are guests on this week’s Pentagon Solutions.

  • DoD acquisition reform providing a few glimmers of progress

    The 2009 reform aimed at ending the Pentagon’s practice of overpromising the weapons systems it could deliver within the budgets it was asking for is showing signs of success. But DoD’s acquisition chief says no amount of legislating will solve cost overruns.

  • GAO: DoD lacks ‘sufficient’ data on $2.1B in power sources

    GAO’s Michael Sullivans explains the recommendations for the Defense Department to improve oversight of its power source investments.