Michelle Mackin

  • Michelle Mackin: GAO reports on VA inefficiencies

    When you spend $20 billion of taxpayer money a year, inefficient and unnecessarily complex are not the adjectives you want to hear for how you do it. But that’s what the Government Accountability Office has revealed about the Veterans Affairs Department.

  • What does the FY2017 budget mean for DoD?

    President Barack Obama’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget proposal gives the Defense Department $524 billion, plus another $59 billion for overseas contingency operations.

  • Fresh head-scratchers from the world of federal contracting

    Banged-up cars and seizing ship engines. A slice of federal programs isn’t going as planned.

  • This is no way to launch a combat ship program

    The LCS variants all float upright and go from Point A to Point B. But how dangerous are they to the enemy? And protective of their crews?