Mikey Dickerson

  • US Digital Service grew into a ‘monster,’ will Trump rein it in?

    OMB changed the reporting structure of the U.S. Digital Service, taking it out from under the federal CIO. Current and former government sources say the organization grew too big and powerful, and needs to be better controlled by the new administration.

  • Congress wants to know if 18F, Digital Service will take on legacy IT

    Two years after the administration set up two new federal “start-ups” to help agencies adopt more innovative technology, some in the public and private sectors say the U.S. Digital Service and 18F still operate in their own silos, and there is little communication from the organizations as they embark on new projects.

  • OMB to seed digital services teams across government

    The U.S. Digital Service team is working with VA and other agencies to hire and train employees to apply the agile development approach to projects. Mikey Dickerson, USDS director, said the goal is two-fold: to create lasting agile development capacity in agencies and to ensure agencies think about citizens’ needs first and foremost.

  • Agencies delivering IT capabilities 20 days faster by using agile, OMB says

    The Office of Management and Budget says PortfolioStat data is proving the positive impact agile development is having on IT projects. The U.S. Digital Service is providing both help and training to expand the understanding and use of agile development.

  • Mikey Dickerson, Administrator, US Digital Service

    The new U.S. Digital Service is working with agencies across government to triage IT problems and get programs back on track. The infrastructure for the Service came out of the lessons learned from fixing the problems with HealthCare.gov. Mikey Dickerson is Administrator of the U.S. Digital Service. On In Depth with Francis Rose — and in his first interview since he took over — he explained the mission of the Service, and why industry shouldn’t worry about the Service trying to cut in on its business.

  • OMB wants HealthCare.gov lessons to endure in new Digital Service Office

    The White House named Mikey Dickerson to lead the Digital Service Office and to be federal deputy CIO. OMB also releases the TechFAR and Digital Service Playbook to help agencies implement agile and other innovative contracting types.