Millennium Challenge Corporation

  • How incoming chief data, evaluation officers can serve as ‘brokers’ between agencies’ data sets

    Agencies don’t lack for a whole host of metrics for their programs. But do those numbers show the whole picture?

  • CIO shuffle continues: USPTO, USITC find new ones

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Institute of Library and Museum Services hang the help wanted sign for new technology executives.

  • How small, simple acts lead to big changes on Best Places to Work rankings

    The Homeland Security Department and Millennium Challenge Corporation, two vastly different agencies, offered similar lessons for success on the 2017 Best Places to Work rankings.

  • How one small agency is cutting its IT spending

    Vincent Groh, the CIO of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, said by moving to the cloud he cut MCC’s spending on data centers by half.

  • Communication, transparency key to successful procurements

    Like virtually everything in the federal government, the relationship federal agencies and industry organizations is complex. Contracts, buying and selling are just a small piece of the pie. Communication and collaboration are key factors that must exist in the pipeline between the public and private sectors. As part of our special report, the Missing Pieces of Procurement Reform, Federal News Radio hosted a panel with acquisition experts.

  • Deidra Fair James, Millennium Challenge Corporation

    The government is about to sign the biggest deal in a year old program that President Barack Obama considers a foreign aid priority. It will invest nearly $500 million over five years in the power sector of Ghana. The Millennium Challenge Corporation is the agency investing the money. Deidra Fair James is the Ghana country director for the MCC. She joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss how the program will benefit Ghana.

  • Alicia Phillips Mandaville, Millenium Challenge Corporation

    Agencies are supposed to embrace data: Put it out there, hold datapaloozas so clever entrepreneurs can build useful apps with government information, collect it or use data to drive policy decisions. But you need to trust that data is accurate. Reliability is a major concern at the Millenium Challenge Corporation, which uses data to make decisions on international development. Alicia Phillips Mandaville, the agency’s managing director for development policy, is part of a new effort to close data gaps. She tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp agencies are supposed to embrace data, but first that data has to be right.

  • Sarah Jane Staats, Millennium Challenge Corporation

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation is a young, small agency with a big mission. It seeks to help countries climb out of poverty. Its principles should sound familiar: Use evidence, focus on results, be transparent. Time and again, the White House has asked all agencies to apply those principles to their own work. But putting them into practice can require tradeoffs. Sarah Jane Staats, senior policy adviser for the Millennium Challenge Corporation, told Federal Drive hosts Tom Temin and Emily Kopp how the agency applies its principles day to day.