National Academies of Science

  • Researchers warn Census Bureau about accuracy concerns with method

    A new technique to protect the privacy of participants in the 2020 Census could foster distrust between the Census Bureau and researchers if it results in too many inaccuracies, demographers warned officials Wednesday.

  • Smithsonian curator recognized for paleontology achievements

    Skeletons and fossils in museum cases look like interesting artifacts to most of us, but to Anna “Kay” Behrensmeyer at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History they tell deep stories.

  • Federal planetary scientist awarded for work on magnetospheres

    Michelle Thomsen, senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, is a long-time federal and recently won a major award from the National Academies of Science.

  • ARS molecular biologist recognized for climate and crop research

    This week Federal Drive with Tom Temin is talking with three female federal scientists who have received recognition from the National Academies of Science.

  • House Dems slam EPA’s Pruitt for allegedly delaying FOIA requests

    EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is under fire from House Democrats again, this time in response to a new report that suggests Pruitt purposely delayed responses to Freeddom of Information Act requests.

  • How Congress lost its tech groove at the corner of CitiBank and a fruit basket

    Congress, as an institution, doesn’t appear to have the technological skills and knowledge to ask the right questions when it comes to increasingly complex agency IT programs. The congressionally-chartered Office of Technology Assessment was defunded in the mid-1990s and former staffers say its absence is sorely felt today. Many people say the time is right for a reboot of the OTA. This article is part of the Federal News Radio special report, A New Era in Technology.