National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

  • NIST issuing revised draft of zero trust guidance for public comment

    NIST computer scientist Scott Rose said the publication is meant to help generate a “conceptual framework” for agencies and cybersecurity experts to apply zero trust principles within their enterprise.

  • PIV cards could help federal cybersecurity on mobile devices

    The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence has released fresh guidance on derived personal identity verification credentials in the an ongoing federal challenge of improving cybersecurity for people using mobile devices.

  • You don’t want, need to be just like everyone else

    On this episode of Women of Washington, host Gigi Schumm welcomed Donna Dodson, chief cybersecurity officer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

  • Tim Polk: Dissecting Commerce, DHS plan to mitigate botnet threat

    NIST’s Tim Polk joins the Federal Drive to dissect the draft strategy of the Homeland Security and Commerce Departments for mitigating risks from botnets

  • Donna Dodson: NCCOE faces full cybersecurity agenda

    The Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, has a heavy and critical agenda. Donna Dodson, NCCOE’s director, outlined the scope of the work on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Nate Lesser: New project to establish cybersecurity standards, best practices

    It’s one thing when cybersecurity hackers bring your system down. At least you can tell what’s going on. But what about when malicious people inside or outside alter or erase data quietly? It’s a major worry for business and government not knowing what they don’t know. That’s why the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence has launched a project to establish standards and best practices for knowing about and responding to attacks on data integrity. For more on this project, Federal Drive with Tom Temin talked to Nate Lesser, the center’s deputy director.