National Institute of Transition Planning

Shefali KapadiaBob Leins of the National Institute of Transition Planning

We salute a long running voice for federal employees

Long time benefits show host Bob Leins broadcast his last show. But coverage of retirement and how to build that nest egg will continue on Federal News…

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Tammy Flanagan: How to get the most out of your TSP

If you’re lucky or wise, you’ll keep adding to your Thrift Savings Plan and it keeps growing. Should you leave it or do you put it to work for you in some…

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Surviving & thriving in Uncle Sam’s alphabet-soup programs

Imagine you are a contestant on the popular Jeopardy quiz show, and the category is about Uncle Sam’s alphabet-soup programs for workers and retirees….

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Wading through the federal benefits program

Tammy Flanagan with the National Institute of Transition Planning joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn to discuss Uncle Sam’s alphabet-soup federal benefits program for workers and retirees. March 22, 2017

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