network security

  • DoD should use third-party cybersecurity assessments for its vendors

    Leslie Weinstein, an Army Reserve officer and consultant for DoD, explains why the Pentagon should follow other sectors and use experts to ensure vendors are meeting cyber requirements.

  • NOAA’s approach to Zero Trust is a ‘developing process’

    NOAA’s broad spectrum of data formats across more than 90 business systems requires regular check on authorization and cyber health.

  • Nothing personal: Zero Trust meant to stop cyber breaches before they start

    Analyst Chase Cunningham said the concept of zero trust means removing the potential for someone to be the person who causes a cybersecurity failure.

  • Zero Trust: IoT, machine-to-machine communication and network security

    Akamai Technologies is positioned to assist in managing the cybersecurity of these devices. This is because it has a network around the world that is comprised of 250,000 servers in over 2,700 locations. This gives them the first filter when devices seek to communicate over the Internet.

    David Yoon, senior director of Akamai’s public sector, discussed this recently with Federal News Radio at the Akamai Government Forum in Washington, D.C.

  • Zero Trust: Content delivery network and cybersecurity

    Rob SanMartin, sales director for Akamai, said that in today’s environment, the speed at which attacks take place is unprecedented.

  • Addressing threats through a Relentless Focus on Security

    Federal IT leaders are being faced with the challenge of integrating disruptive technologies such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) into their IT environments, while at the same time delivering services to an increasingly mobile citizenry and workforce.

  • Intelligence pro offers ideas for reducing insider threat

    Defense information pro Paul DeMennato offers advice about protecting informational systems against insider threats. He said it’s more than keeping up to date on patches and monitoring files for human anomalies, it’s about getting your staff to buy in to a culture of protecting against insider attacks.

  • A 360-Degree View of Federal Network Security

    Protecting data on government networks is a critical component of our national cyber security strategy. Indeed, the Administration’s drive to strengthen federal cybersecurity calls for a re-examination of government’s legacy approach that requires every agency to build and defend its own networks. Agencies’ concerns range from the use of encryption to the data explosion from the internet of things.

  • Network management: Results from a cybersecurity survey

    Mav Turner, director of Product Strategy at SolarWinds, joins host John Gilroy on Federal Tech Talk to discuss network management and a survey on the federal cybersecurity landscape. March 8, 2016

  • Gaining control of your network

    Ralph Havens, president of Infoblox Federal, joins host John Gilroy to discuss what federal IT professionals can do to make their networks safe and secure. January 19, 2016