Nick Nayak

  • The post-shutdown chaotic wave is days from hitting many contractors

    The Department of Homeland Security issued a notice to contractors setting expectations about the timing of solicitations and other acquisition activities for after the shutdown ends.

  • Government, industry still can’t figure out how to talk

    A year after the Office of Federal Procurement Policy issued a major policy strategy, industry experts say communication between contracting officers and vendors remains the biggest obstacle to success.

  • New guidance raises threshold for contractors’ cybersecurity

    The Office of Management and Budget just released new guidance on protecting non-sensitive information from federal contractors. The guidance would require contractors follow National Institute for Standards and Technology standards for protecting their information.

  • Nick Nayak: OMB wants input on latest cybersecurity standards for contractors

    New guidance on protecting non-sensitive information from federal contractors is out from the CIO and CAO Councils. It would require that contractors follow a specific NIST Special Publication for protecting their information. The Office of Management and Budget is asking agencies and vendors now for feedback. Final guidance is expected later in the fall. Nick Nayak is former chief procurement officer at the Homeland Security Department. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose that the councils are looking to address incident reporting, information system assessments, and information security continuous monitoring.

  • Nick Nayak, Former Chief Procurement Officer, DHS

    The calendar new year is just under way, but the year-end rush for fiscal 2015 is still eight months away. This year’s fiscal-year-end rush may be a little different than other years though. Dr. Nick Nayak is former Chief Procurement Officer at the Department of Homeland Security. He shared his Top 3 for 2015 on In Depth with Francis Rose. He said you might see a blast to start the year off, then another rush in the fall.

  • Nick Nayak, Former Chief Procurement Officer, DHS

    Federal News Radio’s Causey Awards honor top achievers in federal human resources. It’s named after our own Mike Causey in tribute to his career spent reporting on issues that matter to the federal workforce. This year judges have selected four winners. One is Nick Nayak, former chief procurement officer of the Department of Homeland Security. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he said human resource management is key to procurement success.

  • 2014 Causey Award winners announced

    Federal News Radio recognizes professionals who have gone above and beyond in the human resources arena to help the government operate better.

  • 2014 Causey Award Winner – Dr. Nick Nayak

    As the former chief procurement officer at DHS, Nick Nayak led a governmentwide push to build a smarter acquisition workforce. He was named a 2014 Causey Award winner for his efforts.

  • Nick Nayak, Former Chief Procurement Officer, DHS

    The Homeland Security Department’s acquisition shop is in a far different place today than it was when Nick Nayak became the chief procurement officer in 2010. The acquisition team — and Nick himself — have won a number of recognitions for progress and excellence. Nick’s last day at DHS was the first week of July. In this exit interview, Francis Rose asked him what he’d say to the contracting community about the future of acquisition on In Depth.

  • Sequestration pushes DHS contract spending to lowest level ever

    The Homeland Security Department’s contract dollars declined for a second year in a row as sequestration set in. The impact of budget cuts is spread unevenly across its components.