Paul Morris

  • Better and more efficient cybersecurity in a hybrid world

    To have high assurance of successful cloud implementations, agencies must constantly re-evaluate their security foundations.

  • TSA’s Paul Morris: Incident response is all about speed, speed, speed

    As one, albeit large, component in Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration works in concert with other components as it also worked to ensure its own mission continuity. Namely, keeping the nation’s airports and hundreds…

  • Incident Response in Government

    Without a serious effort at automation, the many segments of the cybersecurity response and kill-chain threaten to overwhelm security operations and information security staffs.

  • Paul Morris

    Paul Morris, acting CISO at the Transportation Security Administration Paul Morris leads the Information Assurance & Cybersecurity Division of approximately 50 federal employees and 120 contractors. He leads a multi-faceted workforce responsible for: Federal Information…

  • Federal CIO Insights: What’s Next in Mobile Security

    Mobile is critical infrastructure for government agencies. See what a panel of six federal CIOs, CISOs, and CTOs say is the solution to securing mobile.

  • Agencies overwhelmed by a cluttered IT market, lack of federal guidance

    Some federal IT managers say there are simply too many tools in the playing field and not enough governmentwide guidance to implement them quickly and easily.

  • Cyber-Warfare: Securing our Nation’s Defense

    Over the past 20 years, some would say the specific approach to cybersecurity taken by the government and industry has been shortsighted. The defense-in-depth approach is broken, according to some experts. They say it creates a false sense of security. It depends on too many point solutions at different layers of the network. In the end, it creates gaps and that is where hackers hide and eventually breach the network and take the data.