per diem rates

  • Travel expenses could be a little lighter for feds in fiscal 2020

    GSA releases its fiscal 2020 per diem rates for federal employees traveling on official business, showcasing a slight increase in allowances.

  • The NDAA, buyouts and more

    Greg Stanford with the Federal Managers Association will discuss the National Defense Authorization Act, proposed changes in Vets Preference rules and possible buyouts for some federal employees. June 15, 2016

  • Per diem rates to go up slightly in fiscal 2016

    Federal employees will have a few extra dollars to spend on government travel next year. The General Services Administration releases per diem rates for fiscal 2016. Rates go into effect Oct. 1.

  • Walking through the federal minefield

    Jennifer Mattingley, director of government affairs with Shaw Bransford and Roth, will discuss the federal pay raise, changes to the retirees cost of living program and other issues affected feds, and Federal Times Senior Writer Andy Medici will talk about phased retirement and possible changes in defense per diem rates. March 4, 2015

  • GSA ups per diem rates for 2014, ends conference allowance

    After a two-year freeze, per diems for work-related federal travel are going up slightly, according to the General Services Administration. GSA also announced it is eliminating a special lodging allowance for federal employees attending conferences.

  • Cliff-Walking 101

    Federal workers are going to be doing the limbo on a hot seat for much of the rest of the year, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey. Will sequestration kick in with its major across-the-board cuts, will the continuing resolution save the day and what if nothing happens, which seems to be what happens a lot these days?

  • Feds to pay less for hotels in major cities in 2011

    GSA has issued per diem rates for lodging for next year. Most hotels in major cities saw a decrease, including $15 for Washington, $71 in New York City and $45 in Chicago. GSA did not change the rates for meals and other incidentals.