phased retirement

  • Phased retirement & Occam’s razor

    During proposed phased retirement, employees would spend 50 percent of their time training younger employees.  A win-win situation — so people were told.

  • Phased — or fazed — retirement flop?

    When it comes to programs designed to benefit federal workers and the taxpayers too, the biggest loser may be the phased retirement program launched six years ago.

  • Phased retirement participation still vastly short of initial predictions

    A total of 417 federal employees have participated in the phased retirement program since the Office of Personnel Management first gave agencies the green light to start accepting applications back in 2014.

  • Is phased retirement starting to take off?

    The Office of Personnel Management is receiving more applications for the phased retirement program this year than it had during the first full year of its existence, but the numbers are still relatively low, given the large number of federal employees who are or will be eligible by the end of fiscal 2017.

  • How workforce analytics could help agencies blunt a retirement spike

    Sean Morris, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Angela Watts, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, make the case for agencies to look to phased retirement to help with the expected retirement surge in January.

  • DoD spending bill offers civilian workers up to $40K to retire

    The 2017 defense authorization bill increases the amount DoD workers get for leaving their jobs by $15,000. The bill, signed into law by President Obama on Friday, provides up to $40,000 in retirement incentives for eligible civilian employees.

  • Fazed by phased retirement? Welcome to the club!

    It’s Tuesday and time to play What’s My Homonyn? with the poor man’s Alex Trebek, Senior correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Phased retirement: The real reason it fizzled

    How come only a handful of government workers have signed up for the highly touted phased retirement program? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the villain may be the place where you work.

  • Phased retirement: The mouse that roared

    Does your favorite TV weather person seem genuinely shocked that it’s hot in August? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says maybe he or she should become a government behavioral expert.

  • 3 reasons why phased retirement is a dud

    Maybe Edsel is a good analogy for phased retiremnet. Long in the making, highly touted, yet when it rolled out nobody bit.