phased retirement

  • Fazed by phased retirement? Welcome to the club!

    It’s Tuesday and time to play What’s My Homonyn? with the poor man’s Alex Trebek, Senior correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Phased retirement: The real reason it fizzled

    How come only a handful of government workers have signed up for the highly touted phased retirement program? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the villain may be the place where you work.

  • Phased retirement: The mouse that roared

    Does your favorite TV weather person seem genuinely shocked that it’s hot in August? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says maybe he or she should become a government behavioral expert.

  • 3 reasons why phased retirement is a dud

    Maybe Edsel is a good analogy for phased retiremnet. Long in the making, highly touted, yet when it rolled out nobody bit.

  • Less than 100 federal employees have signed up for phased retirement

    According to the latest count from the Office of Personnel Management, less than 100 federal employees have applied to their agencies’ phased retirement program. It’s been roughly two years since OPM released final regulations on phased retirement and gave agencies the green light to begin accepting applications.

  • DoD sets up for phased retirement

    After releasing policy on phased retirement last month, DoD is preparing for implementation. DoD components are opting to introduce phased retirement on their own terms by creating individual plans and mentoring guidelines based on their needs.

  • How to calculate whether phased retirement is right for you

    The Defense Department made a big splash in the world of federal retirement by recently introducing phased retirement to its civilian workforce, but for employees, the announcement still leaves some questions unanswered.

  • Pentagon offers ‘long overdue’ phased retirement to civilian workforce

    The Defense Department announced Tuesday that members of its civilian workforce can now seek phased retirement from their positions, a concept that’s received little attention from federal agencies until now.

  • Buyouts, phased retirement: Where have they gone?

    Would you leave your government job if offered a $40,000 buyout? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says don’t get your hopes up, but stay tuned, just in case.

  • Six years after Obama memo, CHCOs say hiring process still problematic

    In Federal News Radio’s exclusive fifth annual survey of federal CHCOs and deputy CHCOs, respondents rated improving the hiring process as their top priority for 2016, just a bit ahead of enhancing employee engagement and the training and development of the workforce.