George W Bush

  • Congressman takes aim at federal travel with series of bills

    In today’s Federal Newscast, Rep. Tom O’Halleran (D-Ariz.) said he is on a “journey” to make sure federal agencies don’t abuse federal travel plans.

  • What if D (for decimation) Day is tomorrow?

    Friday is D-Day, as in Decimation Day, when federal agencies are supposed to unveil and reveal their downsizing plans, which will mean buyouts, early outs and layoffs for some.

  • Trump signs government reorganization order

    White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the goal of the executive order is to make agencies more efficient, effective and accountable.

  • Bobbie Kilberg Discusses Her Role in 4 White House Administrations

    “Take risks. Take chances. Look for opportunities. You’ll be surprised where that next job opportunity will come from,” said Bobbie Kilberg, president and CEO of the Northern Virginia Technology Council. Kilberg sat down with Women…

  • OPM reissues proposal to update suitability checks

    A year after the first proposed rule, the agency clarifies language to require re-investigations at least every five years for employees in public trust positions. The rule would implement a 2009 Executive Order.

  • Telework and the West Wing

    The Chief Executive is leading the way in federal telework.

  • Pardoning Libby

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney went to the President several times in the final days of the administration to ask for a pardon for Scooter Libby, only to be rebuffed each time. Cheney was reportedly…

  • The shape of the first 90 days

    Moving from the transition to governing: what’s ahead for the new Obama Administration?

  • Inauguration spells change for

    Transition website flips to governing resource

  • Obama transition learns from the past

    Common mistakes hope to be avoided by setting tone early