Telework and the West Wing

The Chief Executive is leading the way in federal telework.

When President George Bush was in office, he once noted he had no problem making it into the office early, saying “it’s not a very long commute.”

The current President knows not everyone’s commute is that easy, and as the Chief Executive, he’s leading the way in federal telework.

A recent report by the President’s Council of Economic Advisors on “Work-Life Balance and the Economics of Workplace Flexibility” included this information about “Telecommuting and the Executive Office of the President”.

Over the past several years, the EOP has increasingly used technology as a way of meeting the growing demands for flexibility of its employees. For several years, most EOP employees have used wireless devices to stay connected while off site, and recently, the EOP has begun a transition to full remote access. To date, more than half of all EOP employees have been issued secure mobile workstation laptops, and all employees can connect to the network through the internet from any computer in the continental United States.

This flexibility also allows staff to access their official files from remote locations, helping employees balance work and family responsibilities. For example, some employees can leave work early to spend time with their children and work remotely in the evening. In addition, this technology helps the government operate effectively during emergency situations.

To read the rest of the information about telecommuting in the White House, click here and scroll down to Box 2.

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