public sector

  • 16% of cyber breaches in 2018 targeted public sector

    Tim Erlin, vice president of strategy at Tripwire, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin with takeaways from report showing 16% of cyber breaches hit the public sector.

  • How the public sector will modernize procurement

    Vishal Patel, the vice president of product marketing at Ivalua, details five opportunities for federal, state and local governments to improve acquisition processes.

  • Trick to getting private sector workers into State Dept. may widen gender pay gap

    A State Department program is designed to bring in people from high paying jobs in the private sector, but according to Jenna Ben-Yehuda of the Women’s Foreign Policy Network, that has the potential to widen a gender pay gap.

  • Ready to retire? Check back in 5 years

    Each year hundreds, maybe thousands of feds learn the hard way about the five-year rule for keeping coverage under FEHBP in retirement.

  • How DC is seen by the rest of the country

    Steve Harris, senior vice president and general manager at Dell EMC Federal, discusses the structure of relationships when a business’s main customer is the federal government, and how public sector work is seen by the rest of the country.

  • Getting things done in DC’s business suburbs

    Mary-Claire Burick, President of the Rosslyn Business Improvement District, discusses what business improvement districts actually do, and how they help coalesce the public and private sectors around a common goal.

  • Nick Jovanovic: Surveying cybersecurity in the public sector

    The vice president of eSecurity Federal at Thales shared his company’s annual survey of cybersecurity.

  • Don’t let the Cato study get you down; my favorite Sammies winner

    In Depth’s Francis Rose says the biggest problem with the public and private sector salary comparison is that no one is quite sure how to compare them. But one thing is for sure: the Labor Department’s Mr. Fix-it deserved his government service award.

  • FCC shares results of Open Developer Day

    The FCC held its first ”Open Developer Day” yesterday, bringing together web developers from the public and private sectors. Chief datd officer at the FCC, Greg Elin, shares the results with Federal News Radio.

  • Independent method needed to settle pay debate

    Are taxpayers getting a good value for their money? That depends on who you ask, and there is no way to answer that question unless a third party steps in. Federal News Radio explores this ongoing issue on In Depth.