real property

  • White House’s governmentwide reorg plan wants to ‘rethink’ federal real estate

    Federal real estate is not immune from the White House’s new comprehensive governmentwide reorganization plan. The proposals aim to speed up sales process for offloading surplus property and create a permanent building project fund.

  • How data is making your building, office space better

    Norm Dong, who spent three years as the commissioner of Public Buildings Service at GSA before leaving last month, said through a portfolio management process the agency is looking at federal real property assets and deciding which need to be maintained and which need to be disposed of.

  • Plans change for finding a new home for the Labor Department

    The General Services Administration canceled the solicitation to review three sites for a new Labor Department headquarters.

  • 5 federal workforce bills the Senate passed last weekend

    The Senate had a busy weekend, passing five major pieces of legislation that will impact veterans, inspectors general, FBI whistleblowers and others before the close of the 114th Congress.

  • Alexander Kurien: GSA seeks innovators in real property strategies

    For nearly two decades the General Services Administration has conducted an awards program for real property best practices. Alexander Kurien, deputy associate administrator in GSA’s Office of Asset and Transportation Management, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin GSA has put out the call for entries.

  • Senators crack down on agencies’ real property consolidation

    A group of five senators introduced a bill that would add new incentives for agencies to sell or lease empty and under-used federal property. The Federal Property Management Reform Act also sets stricter requirements for keeping track of federal buildings.

  • Federal wastebook targets year-end spending, $300K matchmaking study

    Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) continues where his predecessor former Sen. Tom Coburn left off. Lankford identified 100 examples of wasteful and fraudulent federal programs and processes in his first ever wastebook.

  • Federal property managers plagued by new type of data woes

    Data problems continue to haunt the Obama administration’s efforts to tame the government’s property portfolio. But they are not the same problems of yesteryear.

  • Data at the heart of OMB’s latest office space reduction goals

    Over the last two years, agencies have done a better job collecting information about their real property holdings. The Office of Management and Budget hopes that now can lead the government to better decision making. But Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) plans to introduce legislation to add “more teeth” to the government’s property disposal process.

  • OMB targets further federal office space reductions

    David Mader, the controller of the Office of Management and Budget, will issue a memo today requiring agencies to set an annual square foot reduction target and to adopt space design standards for future office space. The Reduce the Footprint memo builds on the 2013 Freeze the Footprint policy that saw a reduction of more than 20 million square feet of office space.