• Innovative solutions to healthcare issues

    On this EXTRA episode, Judith Feder, Georgetown professor and healthcare reform expert during the Clinton administration; and Karen Pollitz, senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation and former cabinet member in both the Clinton and Obama administrations; discuss the myriad ideas surrounding healthcare reform in the US and what effect it might have on the DC region.

  • Strap in and focus: No democracy without you

    While Mike Causey is on vacation, guest columnist Steve Hellem addresses the issues and challenges he believes face federal government employees at this point in a new administration.

  • Your share of the $143.5B benefits cuts

    The amount of money the White House is proposing to cut from federal workers’ take-home pay and the future inflation protection benefits for retirees closely mirrors the balance of the F, I and S funds in the Thrift Savings Plan as of Dec 31.

  • Larry Allen: Multiple panels expected to recommend changing DoD acquisition rules

    The acquisition expert said panels’ recommendations could be muted by legislators looking to enact more rules.

  • Life at the top: What’s in it for you

    Presidents love to reform the government for a variety of reasons. But career Senior Executive Service members knows where the levers of power are, and how to get things done.

  • Proposals to reform IRS are on the way

    In today’s Federal Newscast, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady (R-Texas) says there will be a bill next month to begin restructuring the IRS.

  • David Drabkin: Progress report on DoD procurement reform

    The Section 809 Panel, named for the defense authorization act paragraph that chartered it, has been working hard at recommendations for comprehensive reform.

  • Potential tax reform will have hidden consequences: expert

    The Border Adjustment Tax needs to be better understood before it is debated, because it will affect small companies across the country, according to Joshua Baca of DDC Public Affairs.

  • Federal tax reform will be marquee fight in Washington this year

    Get set for tax reform to be the marquee battle pitting business interests against each other as they seek to protect their piece of the pie. Specifically, the border adjustment tax, a proposal that would make significant changes to the corporate tax structure.

  • Proposed Senate USPS reforms could save $17 billion

    The Congressional Budget Office estimates the Senate’s postal reform plan would save just under $17 billion. Changes to the agency would include maintaining increased postal rates and cutting delivery to five days per week.