• Abolish OPM? What the administration’s proposal would do

    Former DHS CHCO Jeff Neals says although he might disagree with some of the details, the proposal has enough goodness in it that it should not be reflexively dismissed.

  • DHS reorg to focus on building integration, efficiency from localized solutions

    The Department of Homeland Security is trying something outside of the standard reorganization playbook.

  • Larry Allen: Trump administration brings reorg to GSA

    It was almost exactly one year ago that the Obama administration decided the General Services Administration needed a dedicated organization for fostering innovative technologies in government, and moved to stand up the Technology Transformation Service. The new administration has other ideas, saying that in order to streamline GSA, the TTS needs to get folded back within the larger Federal Acquisition Service. Larry Allen is president of Allen Federal Business Partners. He joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about the latest reorganization.

  • Tillerson tells State Dept. workers to embrace agency reorg

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson walked department employees through his plans to reorganize the agency on Wednesday, echoing many of the Trump administration’s talking points about its larger goal of reducing the federal workforce.

  • All ideas are ‘on the table’ as agencies develop reorg plans

    Linda Springer, a senior adviser at OMB, said the Trump administration is borrowing from past administrations and modifying many long-held concepts to reorganize and restructure the government.

  • Hiring freeze or thaw? What OMB’s memo really says

    Former chief human capital officer at DHS explains how Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney’s reorganization memo impacts agencies and their employees.

  • Government reorganization is ‘almost an echo of the Grace Commission’

    The Trump administration will soon be asking for public comment and expert input on what a reorganized federal government would look like. David Berteau, president of the Professional Services Council, said this will be reminiscent of another reorganization from the Reagan era, the Grace Commission.