Richard McKinney

  • DoT hires new CIO; USPTO Owens resigns

    The Transportation Department brings on Vicki Hildebrand from the private sector to run its technology office.

  • Why the former Transportation CIO brought the FITARA hammer down

    Richard McKinney, who spent three years at DoT’s chief information officer, said he took advantage of the IT reform law to help reshape how the agency oversees and manages technology.

  • OMB to clear the path for agencies in their move to the cloud

    The 26th annual survey CIOs by Grant Thornton and the Professional Services Council found cloud computing moved into the top five priorities, but several obstacles still remain.

  • Before moving to the cloud, optimize your network

    Two feds who have experience moving to the cloud offered up lessons learned from their experience, including the one thing that makes all the difference.

  • IT COST report is ‘decision engine’ for federal CIOs

    The IT COST Commission Report lays out 21 recommendations for agency CIOs to help them classify, compare and prioritize spending when it comes to the acquisition of IT for the federal government.

  • Agency CIOs: Government culture not a barrier to IT updates

    Federal CIOs say when it comes to modernizing government IT systems, most of the workforce welcomes the change. But if the government truly wants to modernize, it will have to do more than try to catch up to the technology curve.

  • Transportation takes control of IT buying across the department

    Richard McKinney, the Transportation Department CIO, said he signed a memo along with the CFO and an assistant secretary to require bureau level CIOs to submit IT spending plans as part of how the agency is restructuring its oversight of technology.

  • A 360-Degree View of Federal Network Security

    Protecting data on government networks is a critical component of our national cyber security strategy. Indeed, the Administration’s drive to strengthen federal cybersecurity calls for a re-examination of government’s legacy approach that requires every agency to build and defend its own networks. Agencies’ concerns range from the use of encryption to the data explosion from the internet of things.

  • Roots of IT reform starting to take hold

    Commerce, USDA, Transportation demonstrate augmented role of CIO to manage significant projects and make much-needed change.

  • Leveraging Hybrid Cloud Architectures to Deliver Federal IT

    In the highly regulated world of federal IT, sometimes it seems as if every question is a yes-no, an either-or. Build or buy?