Schedule 75

  • GSA starts translating Trump’s priorities into acquisition policy

    Policy updates include changes to the Transactional Data Reporting Rule, the reopening of Schedule 75 for office supplies, and streamlining professional services solicitations.

  • Is ‘re-opening’ a GSA schedule really closing a market channel?

    The six-year closure of Schedule 75 is impacting long-standing GSA industry partners whose contracts are expiring with no opportunity to submit a new offer to maintain contract coverage.

  • The shrinking GSA Schedule

    Dozens of vendors are concerned they will not be able to renew their contracts to provide office supplies under GSA Schedule 75. GSA says it doesn’t plan on reopening the schedule for at least another nine months.

  • Strategic sourcing: Evolving or devolving?

    The General Services Administration is soliciting industry input on how to buy office supplies differently through the multiple award schedules. Some in industry say GSA is reacting to continued challenges with the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI).

  • GSA kicks off 3rd generation of strategic sourcing for office supplies

    GSA issued a draft solicitation for the Office supplies 3 indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract Nov. 25 that puts more emphasis on small businesses, including consortiums, and would not be based on Schedule special item numbers.

  • All things strategic sourcing

    Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners will discuss the top strategic sourcing issues with host Mark Amtower. August 26, 2013

  • Strategic sourcing

    Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners will discuss the top strategic sourcing issues with host Mark Amtower. July 22, 2013

  • Strategic sourcing: Pennywise but pound foolish?

    Some small businesses are calling into question the benefits of the Obama administration’s strategic sourcing initiative. They say the agencies are mandating the use of the office supplies BPA and putting more than 500 Schedule 75 holders at risk of losing their business. GSA, which runs Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI), said there still are plenty of sales to go around as the BPA accounts for less than half of the $1.4 billion office supplies market.

  • Industry presses GSA to keep Schedule 75 open

    The Coalition for Government Procurement asks the Federal Acquisition Service to reconsider its decision to close the office supplies schedule to new offerors for two year. The association says the decision will hurt small businesses and likely lead to higher prices for the government.

  • GSA’s office supply contract causes concern

    The General Services Administration freezes Schedule 75 to new vendors shortly after awarding a new strategic sourcing contract for office supplies. Small businesses say the combination of the two could have a detrimental effect on their ability to sell to the government. GSA expects to save $52 million a year across government from the BPA’s lower prices.