• GAO: Collaboration overseas key to fighting terrorism

    A new GAO report finds gaps in the United States’ collaboration with international partners on terrorism

  • DHS coordinates interagency security at waterways, ports

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) brought forth a new plan, the Maritime Operations Coordination (MOC), that will improve cross-coordination efforts between the Coast Guard (USCG), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

  • How to avoid TSA headaches

    TSA can learn from other countries using technology to prevent security breaches.

  • “Operation Chain Reaction” cracks down on counterfeits

    A coalition of government agencies will target counterfeit parts posing a danger to the armed services and the public.

  • Bye-bye beret: Army Combat Uniform changes

    The soft patrol cap will replace the black beret, at least for wear with the Army combat uniform, and some insignia will be sewn, losing the Velcro, the Army announced Saturday.

  • Cybersecurity ‘road map’ for enemies?

    A key senator has cautioned that part of a White House plan to strengthen cybersecurity at commercial networks by disclosing audits of security practices could expose vulnerable targets in major parts of the U.S. infrastructure such as power grids.

  • Staying one step ahead of identity thieves

    Jim Williams, former commissioner of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, tells Federal News Radio what he’s been learning working on biometric security in the private sector.

  • Naval Research rolls out first online war game

    Aargh! The Navy will deploy a new breed of fighters to combat Somali pirates: internet-gamers.

  • Mueller’s legacy put on hold

    President Barack Obama will ask Congress to allow FBI Director Robert Mueller to remain in his job an extra two years. Author/editor Garrett Graff tells us more about Mueller, his accomplishments, and his goals.

  • Ahoy, Bush!

    The George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group, including America’s newest aircraft carrier, deploys today.