• Congress pushes government towards a cliff

    A creeping incompetence in handling the government seems to be overtaking Congress. Case in point? What’s going on with the MSPB.

  • Return of the (not so) Magnificent Six

    But if you don’t appreciate politicians trying to eliminate long-promised features of your Federal Employees Retirement System or Civil Service Retirement System packages fasten your seat belts.

  • FERS retirees: Treading water or under it?

    Folks under the old Civil Service Retirement System, like people who get Social Security benefits, are protected from inflation. But most people on the federal pay roll are under FERS.

  • Thrill of victory or agony of defeat: How will possible pay raise and shutdown turn out?

    We’ll know soon enough about the latest shutdown, but the pay raise is a little more complicated. H.R. 790 passed the House easily but has remained stagnant in the Senate since Jan. 31.

  • How Quorum actually helps get things done on Capitol Hill

    Libby Wuller, director of external engagement at Quorum, discusses how her company develops a suite of tools to help corporations, nonprofits, and associations influence and engage with government more effectively.

  • Kaine introduces End Shutdowns Act as Congress pursues funding solution

    Cold as it may be in Washington, inside the Capitol the atmosphere is heated. Members are hard at work to get past the three-week continuing resolution now approaching its second week.

  • Shutdown: It’s FUBAR time

    If the ongoing government “partial” shutdown has you confused, bewitched, bothered and bewildered welcome to Club FUBAR. As long as politicians who don’t have any skin in the game keep getting paid, shutdowns will continue.

  • New bill asks Treasury Dept. to offer furloughed feds interest free loans

    In today’s Federal Newscast, Representative TJ Cox’s (D-CA) first introduced legislation in Congress is meant to ease the financial hardship furloughed federal employees are currently enduring.

  • Senators ask for TSA’s plan as shutdown drags on

    In today’s Federal Newscast, two senators asked the Transportation Security Administration for its plan if staffing shortages and call outs continue.

  • Federal courts can hold out two more weeks under government shutdown

    In today’s Federal Newscast, federal courts will be able to continue operating until Jan. 18 with their limited funds during the partial government shutdown.