Shaun Donovan

  • Obama administration looks back on management successes

    Two weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office, the Obama administration has highlighted some of the management milestones it’s achieved over the last eight years.

  • For one last time, Obama says ‘thank you’ to federal workforce

    President Barack Obama and senior administration leaders celebrated the achievements from the federal workforce over the past eight years. In his final days in office, Obama asked federal employees to think back to the moment they decided to join public service and encouraged them to continue their work as his administration leaves and another takes its place.

  • White House summit gathers actionable ideas to recruit more diverse federal workforce

    The White House hosts agency leaders to develop concrete, actionable ideas on developing a more diverse, inclusive federal workforce.

  • Feds’ bonuses to grow slightly in 2017, after 6-year freeze

    Agencies have gotten approval from the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management raise spending caps slightly on performance awards and bonuses for all non-Senior Executive Service employees in fiscal 2017. Agencies can now spend up to 1.5 percent of the aggregate salaries for those employees at the end of the fiscal year.

  • OPM, OMB attempt to make Hiring Excellence stick with new guidance

    The Obama administration released new guidance designed to officially codify the feedback its heard from agencies during the Hiring Excellence campaign and put them on path to use those lessons to improve federal hiring.

  • Cancer Moonshot: Unleashing the power of data

    The Cancer Moonshot initiative is increasingly relying on open data to link patients with treatments, but with that data sharing come questions of how best to protect confidential and personal information.

  • End-of-year budget woes spurring talk of fiscal policy reform

    Sen. Mike Enzi is leading the charge for budget reform as Congress heads into the waning days of fiscal 2016 still looking for agreement on a spending bill.

  • Senate scheduled to take first stab at short-term CR

    With less than 15 days until the end of the fiscal year, the Senate is set to vote on a motion to consider a House bill, which will be used as the legislative vehicle for a short term continuing resolution.

  • OMB director ‘disappointed’ by likely continuing resolution

    OMB Director Shaun Donovan on Thursday said he’s disappointed that Congress has fallen the same budget gridlock as last year, and warned against relying on long-term CRs to fund the federal government.

  • Sequestration cuts on horizon for 2017 if Congress doesn’t act

    The White House’s biannual report to Congress says the House version of the 2017 spending bills would be $792 million above the limit for the defense and non-defense categories.