Special Forces

  • EPA settles dispute with Utah over Gold King Mine spill

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to pay the state of Utah to resolve claims stemming form the Gold King Mine spill back in 2015.

  • Scott Maucione: What’s the future of special forces warfare?

    The 75th Army Ranger Regiment is an elite group of soldiers that focuses on innovation and technology development to help win wars.

  • Bennie Adkins, Medal of Honor Recipient

    The Army brought its top brass to Washington this week for its annual Association of the U.S. Army Expo. Among the dignitaries, an unusual recipient of the Medal of Honor. It’s typically given to service members within three years of their heroics in battle. In the case of 80 year old retired Special Forces member Bennie Adkins, it took nearly five decades. Adkins tells Emily Kopp how he learned he would receive the nation’s highest military award.