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PRAC points out teleworking difficulties in analysis of agencies’ coronavirus response

In today’s Federal Newscast, telework limitations rank high up on the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee’s list of federal agency challenges…

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Battle of semantics leads to change in the way combatant commands are named

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DoD using 14 entities as JEDI pathfinders as contract gets underway

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General orders ethics review of US special operations forces

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Information and intelligence: The unseen weapons of Special Operations

For U.S. Special Operations, detailed knowledge of its surroundings now and where its operators may be headed is an essential component of dominance.

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TALOS exoskeleton presents technological, acquisition hurdles for SOCOM

It will take more than new technology to create a force of real-life Tony Starks. Improved acquisition is also key.

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Senate votes to boost civilian oversight of special ops, reinforcing earlier mandate

The Senate’s NDAA orders SOCOM to transfer dozens of personnel to the Pentagon office in charge of overseeing it. In the 2017 NDAA, Congress reorganized the chain of command for special operations.

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