Stan Collender

  • Expect the unexpected with upcoming budget, appropriations cycle, experts say

    Upcoming budget cycles in 2017 and 2018 will be unlike any other for agencies and contractors, some budget experts say. They predict the Trump administration will try to “change the rules” to overcome debates among members of Congress and cabinet leaders who can’t agree on the future of the defense and domestic spending caps.

  • Race to finish fiscal 2015 agency budgets hits snag

    The appropriations process was supposed to be easier this year compared to last, because lawmakers had signed off on a bipartisan deal that set top-line spending levels for the next two years. But action in both the House and the Senate appears to have largely stalled.

  • Will new budget negotiations unravel the sequestration riddle?

    For the first time since the government shutdown ended two weeks ago, House and Senate lawmakers are sitting down at the table to negotiate about the fiscal 2014 budget. At the top of the agenda will be what to do about the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration that have ensnared what remained of the traditional budget process this year. However, budget experts and insiders say sequestration is likely to stick around — at least in some form — and about the best agencies can hope for is a small-bore deal that grants them some greater flexibility in implementing the cuts, these experts said.

  • Is sequestration a paper tiger?

    Stan Collender, a budget expert and partner at Qorvis Communications, said nobody should panic just yet about possible automatic, across-the- board cuts. They won’t be enacted immediately, he told the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris. And Congress could still wiggle out of them.

  • Analysis: Congressional negotiations ‘frustrating as hell’

    Stan Collender, a federal budget expert and a partner at Qorvis Communications, joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris to discuss the twists and turns of the budget negotiations.

  • Debt ceiling deadline: What Congress must do now

    Stan Collender, a federal budget guru, gives his analysis of what must be done in the coming weeks.

  • Budget analysis: Not out of the woods yet

    Stan Collender is a partner at Qorvis Communications and a regular budget guru on Federal News Radio. He says you’re not out of the woods yet.

  • Contractors brace for budget standoff

    Stan Collender from Qorvis Communications discusses the ongoing budget negotiations and the impact on federal contractors.March 8, 2011

  • Budget analysis: Gridlock, shutdown, stalemate

    Qorvis Communication’s Stan Collender lays out some of the specifics in the President’s budget blueprint, released Monday.

  • Congress has diverse paths to make the pay freeze law

    One expert sees the most likely avenue to pass the White House’s proposal is by adding language to a continuing resolution. Qorvis’s Stan Collender said now is the time for employees, contractors and unions to make their concerns about the pay freeze heard.