Steve Krauss

  • Lead agencies must turn category management small business strategies into action

    Small businesses growing more worried about the impact of category management on their opportunities to compete for contracts. OFPP required each category manager to submit a plan for how they will address those concerns.

  • Barry West surfaces; Recovery Board CIO heads to industry; New expertise at Treasury, GSA

    There is a little more clarity about the mystery of Barry West, the seemingly now-former chief information officer at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. West’s LinkedIn page says he left the FDIC in this month and also started at the Mason Harriman Group this month.

  • Steve Krauss, Corporate Development Officer, Censeo Consulting

    The Office of Management and Budget has directives on shared services on the desks of agencies across government. But cultural issues may be the big holdup from the government realizing the benefits of shared services. That’s according to a new conclusion by the ACT-IAC Acquisition Management shared interest group. Steve Krauss is corporate development officer at Censeo Consulting Group. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he shared the analysis from the ACT-IAC Acquisition Management shared interest group.

  • AFCEA Bethesda hosts 2nd Annual Energy IT Day

    Steve Krauss, president of AFCEA Bethesda, talked to Federal News Radio about the event and some of the big issues that were to be discussed.