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AP Photo/J. Scott ApplewhiteThe Senate side of the Capitol is seen at dawn as a consequential week begins in Washington for President Joe Biden and Democratic leaders in Congress who are trying to advance his $3.5 trillion

Curious about the impact of a shutdown? Just wait

One of the big differences between government and the private sector is the field of labor relations. In industry, it is usually disgruntled workers who…

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(Getty Images/iStockphoto/Lucky7trader)White piggy bank on the car, Money-saving concept for insurance, or traveling during retirement.

Want a much needed retirement? Work an extra two years!

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(Amelia Brust/Federal News Network)

Retirement reality check: Will it be a dream or a nightmare? Your call.

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Retirement Day Date Circled Calendar Countdown Stop Working 3d Illustration

Best date to retire? How about never!

By working another two years, an employee earning $80,000 per year can boost their retirement income by almost $30,000.

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woman is signing contract with business man in background

Confusing career advice with financial planning

When it comes to career planning, many federal agencies do an excellent job. But when it comes to providing financial planning, most federal agencies do…

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Retirement Plan Retirement Planning Pension Concept

Top off your retirement tank

While it is virtually impossible for a federal or postal retiree to run out of money, it is possible to run dangerously low — even with an annuity indexed in whole, or part to inflation.

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