• January’s TSP continues on hot streak with all-positive returns

    The Thrift Savings Plan began 2017 on a strong note, posting across-the-board positive returns, and continued its momentum from the end of 2016.

  • Ethics chief says Trump plan to divest holdings is insufficient

    The government’s top ethics official says President Trump still hasn’t provided sufficient documentation of his plan to divest his business holdings.

  • Which TSP fund had the best 2016?

    The Thrift Savings Plan ended 2016 on a strong note, posting both positive monthly numbers and high yearly numbers.

  • November’s TSP looking up after feeling downturn

    After a nearly across-the-board downturn last month, the Thrift Savings Plan posted much higher numbers for the Thrift Savings Plan in November.

  • Is there a ‘Goldilocks’ rule to federal retirement?

    Randy Silvey, president Silverlight Financial, explains some of the considerations federal employees to keep in mind as they decide when is the right time to retire.

  • TSP posts only one positive return in October

    In a major reversal of fortune, every Thrift Savings Plan fund, with the exception of the low-risk low-reward G fund, posted negative returns in October.

  • Boomers: What’s next?

    As we get older, some things get bigger and some shrink. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it’s sad, in a way, but there are things you can do.

  • TSP posts mostly small gains for September

    The Thrift Savings Plan posted modest returns for its retirement funds in September, with a majority showing higher numbers than the previous month.

  • TSP posts modest August returns

    None of the Thrift Savings Plan funds posted higher numbers in August than they did in July, but the federal retirement fund still remains in a better place than was earlier this summer.

  • Fireproofing your TSP from the next president

    Has the upcoming election got you worrying about your financial nest egg? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says lots of federal workers are nervous and looking for a safe place to stash retirement cash.