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Military Prosecuting Sexual Assault

SOCOM will bring VCs for roundtables to better understand startup culture

Tech startups and DoD continue to talk past each other. SOCOM hopes to close that communication gap by meeting with VCs throughout the year to better startups’…

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From a venture capitalist, a volume on how government can use innovation out there in the economy

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National Security Innovation Capital meets investment milestone for the year

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Employee Assistance programs, EAP

One prime contractor is growing its own startups with promising technology

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Federal News Radio pinwheel icon

What government agencies seeking innovation could learn from venture capitalists

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Hank Thomas

Tales from the world of a cyber venture capitalist

Hank Thomas, co-founder and CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures, discusses his accidental journey into venture capital as well as the importance of the growing…

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WikipediaTysons Corner Northern Virginia

Defense agencies missing untapped potential in DC area’s own ‘Silicon Valley’

The Defense and Homeland Security departments have been scrambling to find the latest technology. But Northern Virginia venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman…

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Jim Hunt

Investing smartly in the region’s high tech

Jim Hunt, managing partner at Lavrock Ventures, discusses the role that venture capital plays in the D.C. region, and what technology industries hold deep promise for the future.

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