venture capital

  • Is the venture capital well running dry?

    On this episode, we speak with Andy Medici, Money and Tech reporter at Washington Business Journal, about where the D.C. region stands with respect to venture capital funding and economy health.

  • The secret to investment funding in DC

    You Mon Tsang, CEO of ChurnZero, discusses the different challenges that come with different levels and series of funding in D.C., and the best ways to overcome them.

  • The cold, hard truth about financial crises

    Kathleen Day, experienced business journalist and professor, discusses her new book on the history of financial crises, Broken Bargain, and how the economy could once again take a sharp downturn without careful planning.

  • Why small business owners and investors should get involved

    Amelia Friedman, co-founder of Hatch Apps, discusses how her startup is helping to expand access to software and app creation. Friedman also explains why it’s important for investors in startups and small businesses to be partners, not just funders.

  • Transitioning from serial entrepreneur to serial venture investor

    Mirza Baig, partner and co-leader at Aldrich Capital Partners, discusses what it’s like to move from being an entrepreneur to a venture investor, and how that puts him in the specific position of relating to the journeys and hardships of startups and businesses looking for funding.

  • Tales from the world of a cyber venture capitalist

    Hank Thomas, co-founder and CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures, discusses his accidental journey into venture capital as well as the importance of the growing cybersecurity product industry.

  • Defense agencies missing untapped potential in DC area’s own ‘Silicon Valley’

    The Defense and Homeland Security departments have been scrambling to find the latest technology. But Northern Virginia venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman is helping local industry better sell its own products.

  • Investing smartly in the region’s high tech

    Jim Hunt, managing partner at Lavrock Ventures, discusses the role that venture capital plays in the D.C. region, and what technology industries hold deep promise for the future.

  • What DC is still lacking for entrepreneurship to thrive

    Andy Medici, money reporter for the Washington Business Journal, discusses the problems the D.C. region still has to face if it wants to regain the VC market share it had during the dotcom boom.

  • Building a stronger cyber industry

    Today, we spoke to Mary Beth Borgwing, co-chair of Uniting Women in Cyber, and founder of Standish Cyber Corporation, to discuss how the D.C. region can serve as a great landing pad for up-and-coming cyber startups. It’s great to be close to the federal government and the source of regulations, but there’s still some work to be done to make it home for the cyber industry.