• Initiatives help reduce high veteran unemployment

    Programs allowing service members to earn civilian certifications to qualify for value-added jobs is the latest trend, explains the managing editor of

  • DC community spurs investment in entrepreneurial veterans

    The CEO of StreetShares explains the intangible advantage that veteran entrepreneurs offer their investors: trust.

  • Rep. Ted Yoho: Bill will speed processing of veterans’ claims

    The House passed a bill last month that would speed up processing of veterans claims at the Veterans Affairs Department. Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.), sponsor of the Wingman Act, provides details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Veterans program builds world’s largest genetic database

    The Million Veteran Program has collected blood samples for genetic analysis from more than 500,000 veterans so far, making it the biggest database of genetic material in the world.

  • VA Commission on Care releases long list of recommendations

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, the House passes a bill to extend Veterans Affairs’ expedited removal process for senior executives to all SES members and the VA Commission on Care releases its long list of recommendations for the agency….

  • Category rating – does it work?

    Category rating is not the solution to all problems some early proponents made it out to be. It is also not the root of all evil as some opponents argue.

  • Clearer message needed on what cloud can do for VA

    VA Deputy CIO for Architecture, Strategy and Design Paul Tibbits said his agency wants to do more with cloud technology, but it needs a clearer message from private industry on what the technology can do for the agency.

  • Private sector should ‘complement,’ not replace VA health care

    Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) has introduced a bill to link the Veterans Affairs Department with private sector technology, in the hope of creating an opportunity for veterans to self-schedule medical appointments.

  • VA continues cleaning house of troubled execs

    Two senior leaders at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center are under investigation for misconduct related to misuse of prescriptions and other medical care.

  • VA watchdog finds suicide hotline sent callers to voicemail

    The Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General says the VA’s suicide hotline has been struggling to keep up with the growing volume of calls, and in some cases, veterans have been transferred to voicemail without getting through to a live operator.