Getty Images/iStockphoto/viewmePhoto of a 3D printer actually in action printing a part. You can see the fan moving and the part it is printing.

VA sees growing 3D printing network as ‘new frontier’ for agency’s medical research

A 3D printing network is growing within the Department of Veterans Affairs, which the agency sees as both a time saver for its providers but also a game…

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‘Breakdown of systems and leadership’ pushes lawmakers to examine veterans’ health networks

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)/AP photo by Evan VucciTed Cruz

Proposals from VA Commission on Care popping up in new legislation

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VA says hiring freeze is over — except for thousands of headquarters jobs

In the aftermath of the federal hiring freeze, the Veterans Affairs Department says hiring managers are free to fill most positions. But there are still…

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Why some lawmakers are making recruitment calls to get new talent into the VA

The Veterans Affairs Department, Congress and Government Accountability Office all agree: an outdated and inflexible hiring process and serious shortcomings…

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Carlos Fuentes: Breaking down veteran groups’ budget recommendations

Veterans groups are calling for an 8.3 percent increase in medical funding for the Veterans Health Administration and a 10 percent overall increase for the Department of Veterans Affairs next year. Carlos Fuentes, legislative director for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to provide details on ‘independent budget’ recommendations and others.

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