• William Henry Harrison Day?

    Happy William Henry Harrison day. Actually this holiday, officially known as Washington’s Birthday Holiday, has been hijacked by merchants hoping you might buy more if it honored more people. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it’ll always be GWs birthday to him, and Martha.

  • OPM tells feds to telework when Pope Francis visits Washington

    The federal government will stay open when Pope Francis visits Washington for three days later this month, but employees should telework or prepare themselves for long commutes, the Office of Personnel Management says.

  • Train derailment highlights need for better IT collaboration among feds, local governments

    Ed Leonard, the Washington D.C. Fire and EMS Agency chief information officer, said when a recent CSX train went off track, the lack of interoperability hampered some of the information sharing between his office and his federal counterparts.

  • Regional group working on solution to DC’s image problem

    Communications expert Cary Hatch describes how Washington, D.C. has a reputation for being stiff and bureaucratic, even though data show that the region is innovative and has a unique, creative form of entrepreneurship.

  • New administration causing tech entrepreneurs to leave DC: consultant

    Can the Trump administration be at the root of technologists fleeing the DC region? It can when you consider the “whole package” for people choosing to live in the capital region, according to consultant Ben Foster.

  • Invincea founder’s road to success based on problem-solving

    Anup Ghosh’s story is uniquely DC. He started off as program manager at a government agency, but then quickly identified a problem that needed solving. Fast forward to his company being sold for $100 million.

  • Lobbyists represent your interests, whether you know it or not

    The field of advocacy is one of the largest employers in the D.C. region, but it is also one of the most misunderstood. “If you take a look at polls that show who’s liked in…

  • DC must market itself better: brand expert

    The greater Washington region must better brand itself as a great place to be an entrepreneur, said Imani Greene, CEO of branding firm GreeneGroup.

  • Estate planning – Unique situations

    Host Bob Leins welcomes Marc Levine, Esquire, to the studio to talk about unique topics in estate planning. August 14, 2017

  • Why you may hate DC but shouldn’t …

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains why D.C. gets such a bad rap. Hint: It has nothing to do with Metro riders demanding you stand to the right on escalators.